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Brick Wall

Healing, Connection, Transformation.

Embark on a journey where healing deepens connections and transforms lives.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Available for Personal and Group Sessions

Wide Range of Healing Techniques

Extensive Network of Spiritual Resources

Discover Your Guide to Healing

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Inner World with Bob Vetter - a Master Healer and Spiritual Guide. Dive into a transformative experience where ancient wisdom meets modern insights. Bob's unique approach, rooted in the rich traditions of indigenous  cultures, and the best of modern healing practices is not just a journey, but a revelation.


His ability to connect deeply with each individual's spirit and emotions awakens a profound healing that resonates on a cellular level.

Artwork by Amalia Drewes

Sat on the Rocks

Bob Vetter's Healing Services

One-on-One Healing Sessions

Personalized spiritual coaching that taps into your inner strength and potential.

Cultural Wisdom Tours and Retreats

Join Bob on enlightening tours and retreats to sacred sites around the world.

Indigenous Wisdom Workshops

Participate in workshops that dive deep into the rich wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Community Engagement

Engage with a global community of like-minded individuals through Bob Vetter's social media platforms.

Featured Services from Bob Vetter


"I have been learning from Robert Vetter about various anthropological subjects for over 30 years. He has introduced me to ceremonies, elders, healing modalities and histories of different indigenous groups. I am proud to now call him my friend."

Deborah A Martin

LCSW, Florida

"I was fortunate enough to attend one of Bob's healing journeys in Mexico. Bob embodies an incredible balance between practicality and spirituality. He is the sacred in the mundane and makes for the most trustworthy of guides. On that trip I experienced both the depths of my own soul and the lightness of my being. Unforgettable!" 


New York

"I have always been very interested in the healing practices of indigenous cultures. At 16 years old, I shyly asked if I could join Bob's training group. He welcomed me with open arms. He is such a generous teacher. He shares his knowledge, experience and love for healing without expecting anything in return except our reverence for this sacred medicine."


New York

"I came to Bob when I was at a very difficult crossroad in my life.  I was faced with what felt like an impossible decision and I was stuck.  Bob intuitively and systematically moved me through a spiritual process that allowed my heart to work together with my mind to find my innermost truth.  His support empowered me to take a tremendous leap of faith and safely land on my feet with my integrity intact."

M.F., Drama Therapist

New York

"When I came to Bob I was exhausted, full of regret, and had lost my passion for life despite having a successfully business. With his healing techniques, I was able to place past situations and relationships in the past, regain my energy and my openness to life again. I’ve learned to do the work I love without losing my energy or taking on energy that is not mine. I’m very grateful for his gifts."

K.F., Licensed Acupuncturist


"There is a purity to Robert Vetter’s presence when he is listening (engaging in a platica) - he watches the way our answers move through us, then gently guides us to the seed of the issue. I’ve observed him over many years hold space this way with  countless people, including my 13 year old son and my 73 year old father. So grateful to have this healer in our lives." 

K.G., Massage Therapist

New York

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