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Red Earth Wisdom: A Pilgrimage to Sedona’s Sacred Sites and Stories in Sedona, Arizona
August 11-13, 2023


How would you like to join me and my friend, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona, on an adventure and learning experience at one of the most beautiful places I have ever experienced in my life?


We will hike. We will experience the healing powers of these sacred sites. And we will recount stories that connect us with the incredible land forms that are found in Sedona. I hope that you will consider joining us!


When: August 11-13, 2023

Where: Sedona, Arizona


Through centuries and across cultures, we have learned that stones contain a mysterious and spiritual power. As our oldest relatives, they teach us that they can contain our suffering and our stories.


The rocks of Sedona hold the codes to the presence of the ancestors on that ancient land. We are planning a pilgrimage to Sedona to address these questions for ourselves, without preconceptions.


We are going to walk among the rocks of Sedona to explore the mysteries and connections in history and in our present-day experience.

In the mornings we will immerse ourselves in the landscape, hiking the trails etched over centuries in the red earth.


In the afternoon, we will explore and record the stories, dreams, and experiences the rocks inspire in us on our morning hikes. We will explore how to communicate with the More-Than-Humans and the Other-Than-Humans. Why do the stones of Sedona draw so many people? What is so special about these stones?


Come and be awestruck with us as we encounter stones in all their sculptural and spiritual beauty. Join us in Sedona for this unique opportunity for environmental eco-humanist storywork.




The average temperature in Sedona in August is 86 degrees Fahrenheit. We will hike in the mornings before it gets too hot and workshop in the afternoons through the miracle of air conditioning.


The kinds of questions we want to ask:


~ What makes a place feel powerful?


~ What is the relation of beauty to power?


~ What are the spiritual properties of rocks?


~ What are the stories the rocks may tell?


~ What is pilgrimage and how do we approach a sacred site in a respectful way?


~ How are we changed through an encounter with a sacred place/place of power?


The experience will relate both to the specifics of the place that is Sedona and can also transfer to other places – a way of being in place.

Wisdom sits in places.


Why did our ancestors paint in caves and make petroglyphs? Vine Deloria, Jr., writes about Indigenous North American people’s understanding of the spiritual power of rocks.


Ayer’s Rock in Australia, Stonehenge, and the stone circles of the Celts in what is now the U.K. teach us again of the commonality of the human encounter with our oldest relatives.


Come walk with us and bring your heart to come to know your connection to the stones of Sedona. Due to the nature of this event, we need everyone who’s coming to pre-register so that we can adequately plan the hikes and the space requirements for the afternoons.


Late-comers are welcome to text us, but we cannot guarantee space for last minute enrollment.


Book your accommodations early because Sedona is a popular destination.


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