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"Bob Vetter is an intuitive healer. His healing work with me enabled me to call calm into my heart and pull the energy of balance into my entire body. Bob has uncovered for me a common and deep-seated behavioral pattern embedded in the depths of our collective and personal psyche: FEAR.

Bob cleared my energetic body and held sacred space for me so that I could purge multiple levels of fear that were limiting my personal autonomy and creative powers in manifesting joy. Here, Bob assisted me to not only release myself from crippling fear, but he also taught me how to release those who hurt me from my energy field.

Working with Bob has been transformative. He called on CALM to enter my heart and in the midst of trauma, he pulled the energies of EASE and GRACE into my entire body. Bob's work is deeply rooted in divine heart consciousness in the healing of humanity."

- Dr. Roksana Badruddoja, author of Eyes of the Storms: The Voices of South Asian-American Women, the editor of “New Maternalisms”: Tales of Motherwork and a contributor of Good Girls Marry Doctors: South Asian Daughters in Obedience and Rebellion. 


"Robert Vetter's skills in the healing arts are extraordinarily unique and authentic. I have honestly never encountered someone with such vast knowledge and skills associated with such a wide variety of healing modalities. He incorporates ceremony and techniques from a timeless, global perspective, including ancient wisdom of Native Americans from the North, Mesoamericans from the South, Mystics of the East, and modern Psychotherapists of the West. I am sure I have skipped more than just a few, but nevertheless, Bob adeptly weaves multiple healing modalities together into his own unique and comforting style.

Despite his inimitable approach to the healing arts, Bob remains very respectful of the many cultures he draws from and is sensitive and reverent in honoring their traditional ways and teachings. If you ever have the honor and privilege of meeting him, you will find him to be a very kind, compassionate, and loving individual who genuinely cares about those who seek help from him. If you are fortunate enough to ever experience a healing through him, you are truly blessed!"

- P.S., Atlanta, GA


"I have had the privilege to sit with Bob in Temazcal (sweat lodge) and during various group work settings. I have admired his ability to get to the core of the issue while still maintaining presence, warmth, and compassion. His thoughtful questions and complete acceptance of each person's process clear the way for true healing to occur."

- L.O., Massage Therapist, Hawaii

"When I hear the name Robert Vetter, I am referring to a wonderful being, noble, sincere, with a great heart.   Through his training he has obtained the knowledge, practices, wisdom to be the excellent healer and human being that he is.  He has extensive knowledge of the handling of the temazcal and performs different ceremonies every month, as well as performing limpias (spiritual cleanings), soul retrievals, ceremonies of thanksgiving to the universe, and others.  For ten years he has attended the seminars of Traditional Medicine at the University of New Mexico, in Albuquerque, where we met and since then we have walked as brothers and we have shared knowledge and practices, performing healings and temazcal ceremonies, learning together on this wonderful path of knowledge of this ancient wisdom. Laurencio Lopez Nunez, Zapotec Curandero living in Oaxaca, Mexico

- Laurencio Lopez Nunez, Zapotec Curandero living in Oaxaca, Mexico


"All serious seekers of traditional medicine ways are well advised to experience the teachings of my dear beloved brother Robert Vetter.  If you are interested in an authentic presentation with depth, vision, and honesty regarding the Red Road, Bob is your guide.  I highly endorse his medicine in the world.”

- don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian Curandero and author of Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life

"I wish to thank my good friend and colleague, Bob Vetter, for his commitment to teaching and practicing traditional Medicine and for being part of the faculty in the summer Curanderismo class at the University of New Mexico.”

- Eliseo “Cheo” Torres. Administrator & Professor, University of New Mexico, author of 5 books on traditional Mesoamerican healing, including Curandero: A Life in Mexican Folk Healing

"Bob Vetter is an inspired and gifted healer whose wealth of knowledge permeates every interaction.  I have witnessed him as a speaker, a storyteller, a teacher and a healer and in all events his generosity of spirit have been interwoven with a poignant skillfulness that delivers insight, learning and a sense of wellbeing."

- G.N., Connecticut

"I have known Bob for over 15 years and have tremendous respect and admiration for him as a healer and a human being. As a healer myself he is the first person I turn to when I am in need of compassionate, wise and gifted healing. I trust him impeccably and am forever grateful for his support."

- Janine Mansell, Licensed Acupuncturist, Ohio 

"There is a purity to Robert Vetter’s presence when he is listening (engaging in a platica) - he watches the way our answers move through us, then gently guides us to the seed of the issue. I’ve observed him over many years hold space this way with  countless people, including my 13 year old son and my 73 year old father. So grateful to have this healer in our lives." 

- K.G., Massage Therapist, New York

"In a time when so many live from a worldview of scarcity, fear, and never feeling that they have or are enough, it is infinitely uplifting to experience the company of someone who lives from a place of authenticity, abundance, and generosity. Bob has much knowledge and many talents as a teacher and traditional healer, but much more importantly, he shares them with his students and others seeking his help with generosity and a heart-centered intention for only our highest good. Those are certainly gifts worth giving!" 

- Caroline Ortiz, Associate Professor, Pacific College of Health and Science, New York

"It’s approaching 7 years now that I’ve had the pleasure of both working together with Bob as an apprentice and also as a recipient of his individual healing work.  While working one on one with Bob for a healing we managed to overcome obstacles I didn’t know existed inside of me. Through this I’ve grown and also become inspired to educate myself further regarding these very sacred practices.  To work with Bob – I consider myself very grateful and honored to partake in some of the most authentic enlightening experiences and healings that I have witnessed for myself and others." 

- C.V., New York

"It is for me an honor to have met Robert Vetter, which occurred about 3 years ago. 
I have benefited greatly since meeting Bob who I consider my teacher. He is a wise, generous & gifted healer.  I have found that his doors are always open for those who need help."

- N.T., New York

"Working with Bob has truly been one of the most meaningful and transformational experiences in my life. His wisdom, skill, integrity, respect, and true dedication to the work of healing are rare. I sought help from Bob when I had hid a dead end with all other forms of healing, and I have been amazed at the depths and shifts that we have reached in our work together, emerging empowered and a more whole and integrated being. I have the greatest amounts of gratitude and respect for Bob and the healing work he is doing in this world. He is an inspiration and a gift."

- C.L., North Carolina

"When I came to Bob I was exhausted, full of regret, and had lost my passion for life despite having a successfully business. With his healing techniques, I was able to place past situations and relationships in the past, regain my energy and my openness to life again. I’ve learned to do the work I love without losing my energy or taking on energy that is not mine. I’m very grateful for his gifts."

- K.F., Licensed Acupuncturist, Massachusetts

"I have been in traditional Western therapy for over a decade and was seeking a different, more wholistic approach.  In working with Bob on a weekly basis for the past half year, I found what I was looking for.  What I appreciate most about Bob’s approach is interweaving into our sessions ceremony, ritual, inspirational/thoughtful texts, and heart-centered reflection and analysis. He encourages me to extend what we work on during our sessions to creative projects, nurturing my artistic sensibilities that I have not developed significantly until now.  

Through our work together, I have grown personally, spiritually, and professionally.  I consider working with Bob as a long-term investment in myself and akin to returning to school, but with this approach, I benefit from one-one-one sessions every week.  Bob excels as a deep listener and approaches me and all of his clients from his heart and with love." 

- L.M., New York

"I came to Bob when I was at a very difficult crossroad in my life.  I was faced with what felt like an impossible decision and I was stuck.  Bob intuitively and systematically moved me through a spiritual process that allowed my heart to work together with my mind to find my innermost truth.  His support empowered me to take a tremendous leap of faith and safely land on my feet with my integrity intact."

- M.F., Drama Therapist, New York

"I have always been very interested in the healing practices of indigenous cultures.  At 16 years old, I shyly asked if I could join Bob's training group.  He welcomed me with open arms. He is such a generous teacher.  He shares his knowledge, experience and love for healing without expecting anything in return except our reverence for this sacred medicine."

- M.N., New York

"I was fortunate enough to attend one of Bob's healing journeys in Mexico.  Bob embodies an incredible balance between practicality and spirituality. He is the sacred in the mundane and makes for the most trustworthy of guides.  On that trip I experienced both the depths of my own soul and the lightness of my being.  Unforgettable!" 

- L.C., New York

"I have been learning from Robert Vetter about various anthropological subjects for over 30 years. He has introduced me to ceremonies, elders, healing modalities and histories of different indigenous groups.  I am proud to now call him my friend."   Deborah A Martin, LCSW, Florida

- Deborah A Martin, LCSW, Florida

"Bob Vetter is a Master Healer and Master Teacher whom I have been privileged to study and work with for many years.   His Wisdom comes from many years as an Anthropologist researching the Spiritual practices of Indigenous Peoples.   Because Bob approaches the cultures he studies with Great Respect, Humility and Honor he has been accepted by most of them as family, an adopted Brother.   Bob generously brings his Passion and Knowledge of Indigenous Wisdom and Spiritual Customs to his courses and programs.  

Through Experiences and Story Telling he keeps the fires burning. His healing is profound and is founded in his own Innate Gifts combined with the Transmissions he has been given from Wise Elders of many cultures.  Bob is a Modern-Day Wisdom Keeper who continues to give back to his students, clients, and the community.   Bob Vetter is a bridge between the Ancient and the Modern, the Elder and the Apprentice.  His work keeps Tradition Alive for the New Generation."   

- Dr. Gabrielle Francis, Naturopath, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, owner of The Herban Alchemist in New York City

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