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Demonstration of Spiritual Cleansing (Limpia) and Soul Retrieval

Below you will see a video of Laurencio Lopez Nunez, one of my teachers. In it, he performs a limpia (spiritual cleansing) along with elements of a soul retrieval on my dear friend, Gabrielle Francis (who has kindly granted me permission to use the video).

Laurencio lives in Oaxaca, Mexico and learned the traditional healing art known as Curanderismo from his grandmother starting when he was a young boy.

In this segment filmed in Oaxaca Laurencio uses herbs, an egg, mezcal and the sacred smoke of copal in a healing ceremony to remove toxic energy, restore balance and encourage any lost parts of Gabrielle's soul to return to her body.

Laurencio Lopez Nunez is a friend, mentor, teacher and colleague to me and has been for many years. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for his teachings, his support and his kindness.

In addition to teaching me a great deal of what I know about Curanderismo, he helped me to organize the tours on healing and Day of the Dead that he and I have led in recent years (on hold until COVID-related complications are over).

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