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Embracing Lila: Understanding Life as Krishna's Play


In the grand canvas of spiritual concepts, Lila, or the divine play of Lord Krishna, offers a captivating perspective on life's essence. As we journey through the myriad paths of spirituality and healing, I, Bob Vetter, often reflect on this profound idea. Lila teaches us that life is a cosmic play, with each of us playing our unique roles on a vast stage.

The Concept of Lila:

Lila, in Hindu philosophy, refers to the playful nature of the divine, particularly embodied by Krishna. It suggests that the universe and all its happenings are a form of divine play, an expression of cosmic spontaneity. In this play, every entity, every being is an actor, unknowingly partaking in the divine script.

Life as a Cosmic Theater:

Viewing life as Lila transforms our perception of daily experiences. We, as individuals, are akin to entertainers in this vast theater of existence. Each joy, each struggle, every mundane moment is part of this divine play. The beauty of Lila lies in its lightness, its joyous and playful character.

The Pitfall of Forgetting the Play:

Where does human suffering stem from in this context? It arises when we forget the nature of Lila. When we take life – and ourselves – too seriously, when we cling to our roles and identities as absolute, we lose sight of the playfulness of existence. This attachment and seriousness lead us into the arena of suffering.

Integrating Lila in Healing Practices:

In my healing practices, I often remind myself and others of the concept of Lila. It becomes a tool to detach from the intensity of our struggles and to view our lives from a broader, more playful perspective. Healing, then, becomes a process of remembering and re-engaging with this divine play.

Personal Insights:

Reflecting on Lila has been a source of comfort and joy in my journey. It allows me to approach life with a lighter heart, to see the dance of the divine even in moments of challenge. It reminds me to smile, to play, and to find joy in the unfolding script of life.


As we navigate through the complexities of life, let us hold the concept of Lila close to our hearts. Let us remember that we are all actors in this divine play, not to be taken too seriously. Embracing the playfulness of Lila can be a profound step towards healing and finding joy in our journey.

In this cosmic theater, may we play our parts with joy, may we embrace the dance of life, and may we always remember the light-hearted essence of our existence.


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