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Healing as Evolution: Embracing Aurobindo's Vision


In the intricate tapestry of spiritual philosophies, Sri Aurobindo's concept of involution and evolution presents a profound understanding of our existence and the path to wholeness. As a seeker and a healer, I, Bob Vetter, have found deep resonance with Aurobindo's teachings. They offer a unique perspective on healing, not just as a process of recovery, but as a fulfillment of our evolutionary potential.

The Essence of Involution and Evolution:

Aurobindo's vision begins with the concept of Spirit or Consciousness. This primal force, in its journey, involved itself into Matter, transitioning through a process of slowing and densifying its vibrations. It's like a dance of the cosmos where the ethereal willingly cloaks itself in the physical.

But why would the Spirit do this? The answer lies in the journey back – the evolution. This evolution is not just physical but a conscious awakening. Matter, which once was an embodiment of the Spirit, now seeks to realize its origin, its true essence. This is where we find ourselves – in the midst of this grand evolution.

Healing: Our Evolutionary Journey:

In this context, healing transcends the conventional understanding. It's not merely about fixing what's broken or curing ailments. Healing, in the Aurobindian sense, is about making the individual whole, returning to that primal consciousness from which we originated.

From the Hindu perspective, this wholeness is our inherent nature. We are already complete, but the layers of ‘mud’ – our traumas, societal conditioning, and ego-driven desires – obscure this realization. Healing, then, becomes a process of removing these obstacles, cleansing the mud, and allowing our innate wholeness to shine forth.

Personal Insights and Applications:

In my journey, embracing this concept has been transformative. Whether it's through the healing practices I've learned from indigenous cultures or the personal exploration of my inner landscape, I see healing as an essential part of our evolution. It's a journey back to the Self, a return to the wholeness that is our birthright.

In the healing sessions I conduct, we dive deep into this process. We work not just on the physical level but aim to touch the deeper chords of the spirit. It's about awakening the consciousness that lies dormant, waiting to realize its potential.


Healing, as seen through the lens of Aurobindo's philosophy, is a sacred journey of returning to our true essence. It is a crucial part of our evolutionary process, a path that each of us walks in our unique way. As we peel back the layers of our conditioning and touch the core of our being, we find that we are not just healing; we are evolving.

As we continue on this path, let us embrace the wisdom of Aurobindo and the myriad other teachings that guide us. Let us heal, let us evolve, and let us realize the wholeness that has always been ours.


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